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Our upcoming podcast Big Sister Gossip carries the mission to give advice, and help teen girls like ourselves find their way through high-school easier. We’ve been discussing ideas we could potentially talk about for the past month, in order to make sure we give out quality content. We plan on sharing our own personal experiences from our day to day life. We will address more sensitive conversations in a serious and light hearted manner, in order to appeal to all audiences. To make things interesting, we will interview our classmates to provide different perspectives on what we talk about. 

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Streeter Interview

Hey listeners, this time Big Sister Gossip went out to the public and asked one simple question. “How has food delivery impacted your diet?”. The public gave us all different answers in their perspectives that we think would be interesting for you guys to hear. We picked the most interesting parts we got out ofContinue reading “Streeter Interview”

11 sounds for Podcast

In order to achieve the perfect Podcast, we need good sounds to accompany our audio. Therefore in order to personalize these sounds to us, we’ve gathered 11 sounds that remind you of high school. As well as the vibe of talking with friends and sharing advice. 1. Facetime call As teens we always Facetime. WeContinue reading “11 sounds for Podcast”

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